Refining Services

Offering full refining services for customers with Precious Metal products.

Offering full refining services, custom engineering, with state of the art machining and engineering resources, Johnson Matthey offers a range of services for precious metals componentry.

Custom Engineering

State of the art machining and engineering resources are available in-house and through cooperative business alliances to provide a range of products and services for precious metals componentry:

  • prototype and OEM product development
  • low-volume machined precious components
  • high-volume machined precious metal components
  • added-value partnerships, including scrap minimisation and recycling programs.

Johnson Matthey Australia recognises the high value of precious metals and the cost of processing and recycling where manufacturing processes involve a substantial scrap rate or yield loss. We offer customers the prospect of an added-value partnership with manufacturing processes performed by Johnson Matthey.

The benefits include:

  • reduced cost of scrap transport and processing
  • enabling clients to focus on core value-adding processes
  • obviating the need for clients to focus on yield issues.

Our custom engineering service also facilitates a range of specialist machining services as part of an enhanced portfolio of custom engineering capabilities. These include precision Swiss-type machining, milling, coating, bead blasting, wire cutting and precision press-work through.