Plant Cleandown

For over 25 years Johnson Matthey have worked alongside RS Bruce Limited (RSB) to offer a service in plant cleandowns. Plant Cleandowns can provide Nitric Acid producers with a number of benefits ranging from improved boiler efficiency, reduced ammonia consumption and metal recovery.
Nitric acid is generally produced by the Ostwald process the first stage of which is the oxidation of ammonia to produce nitrogen monoxide and is catalysed by platinum gauzes. During this reaction platinum is lost as a result of volatilisation and mechanical/attrition losses, a percentage of these losses are captured by the installation of catchment gauzes and filters but a percentage is also lost downstream. The extent of these losses can vary depending on the operating pressure of the plant but is generally in the region of 20-40% of the catalyst gauze weight.

The method used for cleaning and recovery of this metal is dependent on whether the plant is redundant or continuing operation. RSB can offer a range of destructive and non-destructive recovery techniques including chemical, non-chemical and mechanical and are able to work with the plant to ensure cleandowns are performed within a planned maintenance shutdown to ensure the least disruption.

Further information on this service please refer to the Plant Cleandown section section of our Noble Metals site.