Packaging Solutions

Johnson Matthey can supply a range of standard packaging solutions or can work with the individual customer to tailor make a packaging system to meet with the requirements, space restrictions and access restrictions of the plant.

Standard Catalyst Packaging

Depending on the diameter of the gauze the catalyst is normally supplied packed in an aluminium tube (100-150mm diameter) or packed flat in a wooden box. The gauzes can be supplied in pads or as singles depending which is easier for installation in the burner.

Standard Catchment Packaging

The standard PG10 systems (individual catchment gauzes) are also packed in aluminium tubes, and the stainless steel separator screens can be inserted into the pack during installation. The PLUS-PACs - a complete assembly system can be supplied which is installed as one pack into the burner, please note it is essential that the wire hinges are tightened to ensure there is no gap between each segment.

Other packaging systems

  • Formers
  • Stretchers
  • Sledge

Please contact the Nitro-Technologies team for further information.