Catchment Gauze

Catchment gauzes have been widely used for the recovery of platinum since their introduction in the late 1960s but over this time the composition has altered slightly but the industry standard now is a palladium, nickel alloy.

During the process of ammonia oxidation platinum is lost due to volatilisation and mechanical losses (mechanical losses normally contribute between 15-20% of the platinum and rhodium plant loss) and the volatilised losses can be recovered using catchment gauzes. Typical catchment packs are designed to recover between 60-80% of the platinum volatilised but this is all dependent on the plant conditions, parameters and ability to accept the increased pressure drop experienced with catchment gauzes.  The problem with increased pressure drop can be an issue with high pressure plants and therefore the desired recovery rates may not be achievable. HICON can give higher results than with standard catchment as a result of increased surface area but the same resultant pressure drop so may be applicable in some cases.

Catchment gauzes are installed into the plant with the appropriate separator screens and these can be supplied as single sheets (PG10) or as a PLUS PAC system enabling quick installation where the complete system is assembled in segments for ease of installation and shipment. Other packaging systems are possible on request.

PLUS PAC is a trademark of the Johnson Matthey Group of companies.

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